Occasionally folks have trouble connecting to AppDog with Facebook Connect. For example, we have heard of people clicking the "Connect" button only to have the page reload without properly authenticating them.

If you can't connect, try the following in order.

Clear AppDog Settings

Navigate to the bottom of the main AppDog screen on your device and click the link labeled "Reset AppDog." Doing so will clear AppDog settings stored by your browser. After resetting, you will need to re-register if you are on an Apple device or re-open the AppDog app if you are on Android.

Logout of Facebook

If clearing your AppDog settings doesn't fix the problem, navigate to on your mobile device. Logout of Facebook. Next, return to

Clear Cookies on Your Device

If logging out of Facebook doesn't work, we suggest that you clear cookies on your device. We provide instructions for Apple users and for Android users.

Contact AppDog Support

If this doesn't work, please contact us at